A Day in the Life of a SAHDad and a SAHDeveloper

Damien and Master L

Not only am I a SAHD (Stay at Home Dad), I’m also a SAHD (Stay at Home Developer). Let me be the first to say that these two worlds sometimes collide. Having a 4.5 year old and an 11 month old means my days are spent amongst the routine of kindy drop off/pick up, bottles, nappies, daytime naps (not mine unfortunately) and of course lots of baby play time.

During the somewhat scheduled nap times is when I take a deep breath and try to get some app development work done. Sometimes I’m successful and other times I feel like I’ve just sat down before nap time is over. Definitely no complaints here – I believe I have the best jobs in the world. I get to spend time with my kids and develop apps while wearing, well anything at all I guess.

I’ve been a SAHDad for three years now and in that first year, I didn’t change my expectations. I was still the type of person who made daily to-do lists and if I got interrupted from achieving the list, I would get frustrated and feel like I’d failed. Wow, have I changed! I still make my daily to-do lists, but I now use them to keep me on track and remind myself of what there is to do if I get the chance. That ‘if’ there is the key. If Miss Z has a longer than normal nap, I get a lot checked off my list. If she happens to have a short nap or is extra clingy (like she has been lately due to teething), then the list gets pinned up and carried over to the next day and my day becomes all about what I can do with a baby. This usually involves lots of playtime, and I’m 100% fine with that!

The best part about being a Developer for your own apps, means that you control your own deadlines and although it can be frustrating if (when) you don’t meet them, I’ve come to realise that there are always going to be days that I just have to put the app development aside. Kids don’t understand the concept of needing a balance, and at this age, they shouldn’t. They have plenty of time to learn about that. While I’m still needed and thought of as being ‘cool’, I’m going to enjoy them while I can.

I’m off now; Miss Z wants to be picked up and Master L wants a “yellow jelly bean”. I can do that!

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