Meet the Characters

TRM-CB-WALL001- Cheg 400x300 0.03 - small

Cheg is a blue Australian gecko who loves a challenge, enjoys solving problems and helping others. He is brave, honest and loves nothing more than spending time with his friends.

TRM-CB-WALLP002 - Boomer 400x300 0.02 - small

Boomer is a green prehistoric critter who lives with his sister Leena in Colour Canyon.  He loves healthy sandwiches, worries about the environment and just wants everyone to be happy in a clean and green world.

TRM-CB-WALLP003 - Leena 800x600 0.02a - small

Leena is an orange prehistoric critter who lives with her brother Boomer in Colour Canyon. She is a very smart cookie and enjoys solving difficult puzzles.

TRM-CB-WALLP004 - L64 400x300 0.01 - small

L64 is a robot lava lamp. He has cool gadgets like the robotic claw that are very handy when his friends get into a spot of bother.

TRM-CB-WALLP006 - Lilly & Lucy 400x300 0.02 - small

Lilly and Lucy are identical twins who together with their best friend Leena make up the music group “The Lollipops”. The girls enjoy their music and are always ready to perform for their friends. They are a little bit cheeky and often play tricks on their friends and teachers who have great difficulty in telling them apart!